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Showcasing the best in financial technology

Enhancing the brand presence for a tech company that sits at the centre of financial markets

TradingScreen are a technology company at the centre of financial markets across the globe, providing front-running electronic trading solutions. Their technology is cutting edge, and so their corporate website needed to reflect this as soon as you land on the homepage.


Formulate focused in on taking the user on a journey all centred around TradingScreen’s key offering - their ‘TradeSmart’ application. Starting with a beautified mockup of the application, Formulate created an animated video which features the interface in all its glory, to sit behind their key message. From here, the site was built out around strong interface graphics, and a clean and clear user experience.


The site combines a custom CMS and front end build with HubSpot forms and analytics, so that the team can continue to produce the reporting they had previously while having a truly bespoke build.  



HTML5 responsive web design

Custom built CMS

HubSpot forms and analytics integration

Integrations with Muse and Ceros

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