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React Native Mobile App

Liquidity on the move

LiquidityChain Mobile is a cross platform mobile app built for both iPhone and Android mobile devices. It connects into the main LiquidityChain fixed income network to access data in real time from the users mobile device.

It was built using Agile methodologies and using the React Native framework, utilising modern JavaScript tools and techniques to interact with the LiquidityChain AWS services we had already built, rather than creating new ones. It uses cutting edge JavaScript libraries to deliver feature rich components such as tables, charts and metrics to our users in a fast and reliable manner.

Our client’s initial goal was to allow LiquidityChain administrators view and interact with Production data while on the move and be able to see at a glance what was occuring on the system. 

The project went so well that the client decided to increase the functionality of the app to allow not just admins but also users to access the app. These users will soon be able to manage their Portfolios, manipulate their interests and even search for or add new interests. 

These features will afford them the freedom to stay connected to their interests at all times and if the market moves, they can react extremely quickly.



React Native mobile app on IOS and Android linked to LiquidityChain AWS services

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