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Fully featured prototype

How to get buy in from investors and stakeholders using UX & Agile

With the wave of digital transformation sweeping across many industries, we frequently get approached by entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs trying to change the industry they work in. 

These two profiles face a different set of challenges; for the entrepreneur challenging big markets, they need to spend a minimal amount of their personal or venture capital to build a minimal viable product (MVP) that either generates revenue or demonstrates traction for the next round of investment. 

For intrapreneurs, the budget may not yet exist or it can be a challenge to acquire it - persuading senior stakeholders often requires more than a series of presentations, it requires a product with customer buy in. But how to get there with a small budget?

In 2018 Formulate created several non-functioning prototypes in Invision Studio to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs get backing for large initiatives. They used these prototypes to get buy in from customers and demonstrate traction to their respective stakeholders and investors.

Finding a good UX consultant is hard, and there is a big difference between UI and UX design, as explained in this excellent Medium article by Harshita Arora. 

You need someone who can distill the needs of many customers and internal business objectives into a set of functionality that is testable against customer actions, rather than their feedback. 

Why testable? We often see projects like this fail to get off the ground, despite acquiring funding and a group of enthusiastic customers who believe in the vision of your product. Using an Agile methodology, where we get functionality in-front of customers as quickly as possible, focuses your product on features that actually benefit the customer and removes unnecessary waste on features that are nice to have. 

In two to three weeks, Formulate can create a prototype that delights your customers, inspires stakeholders and investors, and prepares you for the front and back end development required to make the product a reality. 



Invision Studio Non-Functioning Prototype

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