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Formulate become Platinum Partners with lead generation giants - Lead Forensics

We are now accredited Platinum Partners with Lead Forensics, the software at the forefront of B2B lead-generation using your anonymous website traffic.

We are now accredited Platinum Partners with Lead Forensics, the software at the forefront of B2B lead-generation, using your anonymous website traffic.

If you haven’t heard of Lead Forensics, you’ll probably be shocked at the capacity of the service they provide. They reveal the identity of anonymous traffic coming to your website, turning that Google Analytics data into more than just insight, but actionable leads for B2B organisations.

In real-time, you can monitor which organisations are visiting your website, where they are based, the number of employees they hire, their industry and their website’s URL. Further to this, you can see which pages they are looking at, and for how long, and once you have all the information you need about their interests in your product, Lead Forensics supplies you with the emails and job titles of key decision makers.

We use the service ourselves, and we recommend it where it suits our clients’ business objectives as an ideal companion to a great website and effective SEO and PPC campaigns. All your marketing efforts drive consumers to your website, and for the majority of businesses, a large portion of website traffic won’t leave an enquiry, leading to lost opportunities and a diminished ROI. After all, if we have carefully constructed your brand an effective web presence, why not give yourself the best chance to capture each lead it brings in?

The value of this for B2B businesses can be immense, especially when the product you are selling has a high price tag. Imagine you’re selling accounting systems to businesses at an average price of £20,000, and you know that a large organisation of 1000+ employees have returned to your website three times in a week, and have continually looked at your premium package but not left an enquiry. What’s more, you have their name and web address, and the contact details for their CFO. You know they’re interested, what they’re interested in, and you know how to reach them - you’ll start this conversation far nearer the end of the sales funnel.

Aside from the obvious benefit this provides, the ability to analyse the accumulation of this data over time reveals further insight into your business, your website and most importantly, your audience. The addition of Lead Forensics to an effective website can lead to understanding a whole demographic that you currently don’t tap into or serve, but who are interested in working with you.

This accreditation means that our team have been trained to generate in-depth analytical reports for clients using Lead Forensics. Currently, we provide analytical reporting on website traffic using Google Analytics, Adwords, Moz, Hootsuite and more. With the addition of Lead Forensics, we can begin to provide these insights in relation to industries and individual businesses, with a focus on what works for who by investigating behaviours like page navigation, keyword searches and how they found your business.

Alternatively, if this is something you have the resource to manage in-house, and you’re just not sure if Lead Forensics is for you, we can access industry relevant case studies and discuss our thoughts on whether Lead Forensics fits into your overall digital marketing strategy by spending time examining your brand, and the success of past marketing activities we’ve undertaken for you.

If you are interested in learning more about Lead Forensics as an existing or new client, get in touch with us to discuss it in relation to your overarching digital marketing strategy.

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