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Formulate announce our new Enterprise Support plan alongside key clients L’Oreal and Asahi UK.

Handling multiple applications on multiple devices is becoming increasingly difficult for our clients to support internally while maintaining Service Level Agreements (SLAs), so Formulate are now offering a support package to come to the rescue.

Who is this solution aimed at? 

  • Do you have web servers which don’t have a clearly defined support plan?
  • Do you run web or mobile applications with code you think may be insecure?
  • Are you constantly in a fight between your hosts and agencies over who takes responsibility over an issue?
  • Are you concerned your applications are not meeting SLAs in terms of uptime, speed and security?

How can we help?

We now offer to design a support package to meet your needs, in conjunction with your hosting partners and agencies if necessary. We use a range of tools to secure your site and monitor your applications in real time, if there is an issue, we’ll know about it and give you the support you need to fix it. 

This decision is the natural progression for our business - as we’ve grown our resources over the last year, the complexity of the applications we create has grown too. Examples of this include our recent launch of a suite of web and mobile apps for the “Future Teaching Scholars” programme, and a new Department of Education initiative in conjunction with the highly innovative education charity “EDT”.

This project and others have highlighted how difficult it is becoming for often overburdened IT Departments to effectively provide support for these applications, which generally have complex synchronization and reporting capabilities.

Alongside 3 key clients, we have launched our new Enterprise Support program. The program not only increases the amount of resource we spend on supporting applications we have created, but in many cases hands over support of existing websites and other applications to us that were becoming a bottleneck for the client.

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