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An evening with GrowthStreet and Google

So what did Andre have to say about B2B and B2C marketing, being at the centre of the corporation of digital marketing? The message of the evening was all about making your brand memorable.

On Wednesday, we were invited to attend GrowthStreet’s ‘intimate dinner’ at Percy & Founders for a selection of businesses, hand-picked for their successes with growth, exciting ideas and future trajectories. The evening consisted of a delicious three course meal and the opportunity to learn about each of the fascinating businesses who attended, as well as a talk from key speaker from Google, Andre Veiga.


Andre manages a multi-million pound digital portfolio at a UK big-six media agency, tasked with helping them make the most of Google’s branding products and deliver the best solutions for their clients - that is no mean feat in the ever-evolving environment that is digital marketing.


So, what did Andre have to say about B2B and B2C marketing, being at the centre of the corporation leading digital marketing?


The message of the evening was all about making your brand memorable. Being targeted, careful and informative is great, but Andre’s motto is that without doing something memorable, you’ll struggle to compete with competition or engage your audience. Be brave and cast the net wide, then worry about targeting your niche. Andre is a big believer that any company can do this, no matter how ‘boring’ the subject matter may seem.


He takes Volvo Trucks as an example - there aren’t that many people out there who find the ins and outs of truck mechanics particularly sexy, and finding those people is another story. But somehow, Volvo Trucks managed to enthuse a massive portion of the population with one memorable ad - Jean-Claude Van Damme, riding atop two Volvo Trucks with one leg on each until in a perfect splits, with complete composure:



A playful and undoubtedly memorable clip, Volvo received 85,792,378 views after uploading it to their Youtube channel. And, as a result, a huge number of people subscribed to their feed. Following this, they made a number of informative videos which go into the subtleties of how the Volvo Trucks are engineered, and those were delivered directly into the inboxes of their newly found subscriber list. Unsurprisingly, in that list were a fair number of individuals who happened to be very interested, but who wouldn’t have been delivered that information had it not been for their broad stroke, memorable approach to draw in the crowds. The motto of this story - cherry pick once you’ve drawn a crowd. And, Andre rightly points out that this advert is after all still conveying a message about the accuracy and ease of manouvering of Volvo Trucks.


Not only is this an interesting insight from someone who is quite literally one of the best in the game, but great news for businesses. After all, who doesn’t want to have some fun, or say something memorable about their brand? Digital marketing allows for companies both great and small to have the same opportunities by providing a variety of low-cost open platforms, and so it’s just about finding your memorable message and getting it out there creatively.


This goes for all digital media, from your website or application to your social media presence, and that is something we wholeheartedly believe in at Formulate. We want to help clients convey what it is that’s different about their business in a creative and memorable way, and bring the concept to life. On the web where every one of your competitors has a website, our job is to help yours stick in the mind of a business or consumer doing their product research and ultimately increase your conversions. All in all, an evening of inspiring conversation and entrepreneurial spirit left us feeling eager to tackle our next big project, so thank you to GrowthStreet for organising and to Andre for sharing his thoughts, and if you've been inspired to rethink your digital marketing strategy, contact us

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